Wyndam Hills Little Queen (Gray-White)
2001 Section B Welsh mare. 12.2 hands ISR/Oldenburg registered Main Mare pony book
Lane's Master Copy x Cloe Denim Doll
        My pony-loving daughters!

This is a great opportunity for a talented but budget-tight young rider. 

Click here for video clip under saddle

Another short clip cross rails

Free jumping (should have riased the jump!)

Queenie is a superb sport type pony, truly uphill with very correct conformation. Sound, good legs and feet, BEAUTIFUL face. Superb jumper, A circuit quality or with her uphill, light movement, great for introducing a child to te joys of dressage. Stands quietly for her long mane and forelock (clear to the end of her nose) to be braided by young hands! Loves attention and care. Polite, smart, obedient, light amd responsive. 

She is ridden, groomed, handled, loaded and unloaded, caught, haltered, lunged, etc. by a little girl.  Great on a loose rein, willing, kind, loves to jump, great on trails. No vices, good in a open field or strange arena.  Good in a show environment.  

    hockinson parade most creative award!        At Farm Hill w/3 year old Kate 

Photo above: Most creative award, Hockinson Parade 2008  &  Leadline with 3 year old.  John Rich photo.

My daughter was able to show her in halter when Kathryn was only a tiny 3 year old. Her manners are excellent, she travels really well, great attitude at shows (does currently need to be less hred-bound but that's easily remedied), very obedient. No vices or health issues. Easy keeper but not fat.

She is a light, sensitive pony who has never been allowed to be a plug, stubborn, stiff or any of the negative things that experienced beginner’s ponies learn. She is not a beginner’s horse because of her forward movement and lightness, she does require a rider with a bit of steadiness and coordination, but she is sweet and responsive. Does best with someone who wants to spoil her and love on her. She doesn't get pushy or nippy.  Does fine with a rider with confidence issues.

Sadly offered for sale. She does not like to pull a carriage. I am so disappointed and will only sell her to the perfect home. Her full brother sold for something like $14K as a hunter, but we're wanting to keep her in the 
achievable category for a talented young rider.  


Registered both with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society and the ISR/Oldenburg Main Mare Pony Book. Inspected August 23rd, 2009 with a score of 100, and she had just a few weeks from layoff for preparation. Has a real chance of making premium mare if reinspected. Got a 8 on her head, good marks all the way around!

Queenie comes with a month of daily supplements.

If you are interested, please contact me@ 360-904-2396 or thecoombs@juno.com

As a baby!Debbie Benson photo    Hugs by her 4 y.o.!

Amazing at all three gaits! She does have a lovely walk but during this shoot they all were running for the fun of it.                        
Copyrighted by Elijah Park