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Brianna Z.

Teade (sport) x Otielia Z. (Fetse x Metske (Ster/Pref.) x Bendert)

Filly foaled 4/20/08   FHANA/FPS

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barefoot and happy!
Brianna's dam Otielia Z. is 4 years old
See her sire Teade at Iron Springs' webpage:   Iron Springs Farm
Bree and Kathryn, natural buddies.    

Brianna has a sweet temperament, lovely tippy little ears and already shows a huge motor!  Well balanced, correctly upright and powerful, with good legs. Did I say LONG legs?!   She is playful and mischievous and loves grab ANYTHING ('ware the recycling bin, if it's too close, she'll steal  the 'toys' and she's off!) and loves to play in water. She is a hoot to watch play, and regards our 5 year old daughter as another foal, albeit she's more respectful of her space.

She has lots of curly, dense black coat, and already has a lot of curly feathers, and is more luxurious then her dam. She maintains a classic friesian look while being correct and suitable for dressage.  These horses make wonderful dressage partners, with a willing, enjoyable temperament, generous work ethic and expressive gaits.

Her sire is well known for his dressage ability and stands at  Iron Springs Farm, respected for its many successful stallions both producing and performing as dressage horses.  Her dam is a very similar phenotype, so it's hard to say who she favors! But it is a good cross and her dam will also be performing as a dressage horse and we hope to present her for her IBOP in 2009.

Brianna was presented at the September 25th 2008 Keuring in Oregon in spite of obtaining a horrendous fence wound (she escaped to a neighbor's barbed wire) the length of her shoulder blade.  Even then she garnered a 3rd preimie (in spite of obvious stiffness and irregularity of gait) and comment son being such a well behaved baby. She has already been hauled, led, picks up her feet, worn blankets and loves to play with a tarp and otherwise 'scary' objects!

Potato Chips: No Friesian can have just one!

 Pictures at 4 weeks of age:    Back
   leggy trot!        less then 1 week old with our 5 year old

June 23rd, 2008          Back
Note her dam's got hay dangling from her mouth throughout!

Playing Tag with the earth
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