(Maxine JRB)
Lukas x Feitse x Ids
April 26th, 2004

Fhana/FPS Registered

Photo at gawky three years of age.
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 We first met Ellie at 4 weeks of age, and she and Jonathan just clicked.  She is his first horse, and for the next 4 years, her adoration of 'daddy' has been unswerving.  She was bred by Regine Brockaway of JRB Friesians.

Ellie is incredibly refined and feminine with elastic, round movement, 3 exceptional gaits (Her walk is outstanding), highly suitable for dressage.  She has plenty of breed character, possesses good width in her frame, and a heavy tail even for a Friesian, and a lovely long mane.  Her short forelock does drive her daddy nuts!  But it displays her chiseled face all the better...

She is a very late developer, so we're just taking our time with her.  She completed her first season under saddle in '08 doing light trail riding and a few parades.

Thankfully she doesn't do THIS under saddle!

  First solo!  
First trail ride, battleground lake
First Trail Ride, BG Lake
Astoria, Oregon
Astoria, OR

Sandy Mountain Parade

She was bred this year, but it didn't take in spite of everything being right (and Mewes has GREAT frozen semen!) so it just wasn't meant to be.   One of her first 2 foals will hopefully be retained for our daughters, but we're leaving her open this next year to prepare for Ster and IBOP. IF she matures enough. *sigh*.

Ellie will be starting her dressage career in '09, and is proving herself to be fully joyful in work, and responsive to aids. We expect great things fro her. She will also enjoy trails and camping so expect more pictures!

Ellie is REALLY ugly with growing here but we're proud of her for packing our 4 year old at Farmhill Walk/Trot-a-Pole classes -especially as she was not yet 'broke! Then the following year, She's clearly ready for her job as a riding horse. Her back was in a growth stage both times, she's not that long.

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At 3 years of age...