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I will tell you a bit about myself;  I've been in the wedding business for many, many years, starting out doing flowers, adding cakes and catering, as the first few years went by.  I love weddings, and get excited with each bride, much as if she were my own daughter. 

I have also owned an English Tea Room, which was very successful.  We did weddings in the Tea Room, which was a lot of fun for me.  My heart-shaped scones filled with raspberry butter that we always served at high tea, are still very popular at weddings, both formal and casual. While the Tea Room was very special to me, weddings are still my first love.

My cakes are all from scratch, the fillings the same (never packaged, as most bakeries are), the icings are always real French buttercream made with fresh creamery butter, the old fashioned way, which produces an ivory icing that is classic and delicious; the cakes, fillings and icings are flavored with liqueurs that are appropriate to the cake flavor choice, instead of the usual artificial flavorings.  I love to use Hazelnut liqueur, Frambois (raspberry), Chambord (blackberry), chocolate liqueurs, etc., again depending on the cake choice. 

Often brides want fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, (in season for best flavor) in the filling of the cakes; only fresh flowers on the cake, never the powdered sugar variety.  The exception is for rolled fondant icing, which by necessity involves powdered sugar, but makes some amazing cakes that are strikingly beautiful. Still, the flavor of the Classic French Buttercream is so yummy, that I like to choose flavor over looks.

The floral designs are as simple or as elaborate as you and your budget allow.  With either simple or intricate bridal or bridesmaids bouquets, I wire each flower individually, to make certain the bouquet retains it shape perfectly throughout the entire photo sessions, as well as the ceremony and reception.  My European hand-tied bouquets are very popular and are stunning with today's bridal gowns.

Our catering is custom designed to your tastes, and we are willing to do as much or as little as you need.  We have catered for up to 500 guests, and for as few as ten guests.  Buffets, sitdowns, barbeques, English teas, part or all of the food provided by us. We have done the centerpiece of fresh fruit in descending baskets, (I have pictures of those, which I call "fruitfalls"), while the bride provided the rest of the catering by having a potluck the family and/or guests brought.  Any combination that you wish, we are here to help make your wedding perfect.

I have many suggestions for each bride, based on my experience, of ways to make a  ceremony site beautiful, whether simple or elaborate.  Sometimes just a few ferns are all that is needed, sometimes flowers on the candelabra, altar, or on Greek pedestals. 

It's fun to create just the setting that you have dreamed of, or maybe just recently thought of, making your wedding day as smooth and lovely as is possible.

When I meet with prospective brides, I bring my pictures and ideas and look forward to having a bride do the same.  I know there are so many resources on the net and in bridal magazines, and it's always fun to see what a bride has found that intrigues her.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jan Hedum

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