2007 Jockey Club registered TB mare (registered as You Are A Barfly)
By You And I, 15.3hh
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Sane, sound and smart! No bad habits, light, forward, flexible and balanced, good basics of w/t/c, started professionally, seeks bit, listens to leg. Loves puddles, jumping, athletic, gorgeous, should pull good dressage scores with her free gaits and natural carriage. Big, over-striding walk, beautiful, fluid, uphill-moving canter.

Temperament:  Very willing, tried hard to please.  Obedient and sweet but frisky.  Lots of forwardness but always listens and doesn't run out.  Stressed behavior is expressed by a head wiggle or backing, not rushing or bolting or bucking or spinning. Very, very rarely has cause to be upset at all.  Very brave so long as you encourage her!  If she senses you are upset, her courage falters a bit but she still tries her heart out.

Manners: She is so good and polite, you forget how young and energetic she is.  My 9 year old can load her, she stands politely and enjoys brushing.  Cross ties, stands for farrier nicely, underdog in turnout, everyone beats up on her. NO VICES. Hauls well but doesn't like being crammed in.  
Loads, ties, clips, easy to pull mane, friendly, really special and rare. Not stared under saddle until 3.5 years and not ever worked hard or pushed, so you should not have those joint issues in early teens. She is still growing and should make 16 hands.

Conformation: Elegant head, refined, very feminine.  Open shoulder angle.  Elbows are well forward.  Beautifully set neck and lovely arch to it when she works in self carriage. Short back, long legs, creates a very modern look.

Training: She loves to hack out! Basic walk, trot and canter work, schooling transitions. She is amazingly adjustable and flexible/bendable, you feel like you can place her anywhere.  Very balanced even for a horse with a lot more training.  She is not ridden more then once a week so she's not kept very fit due to my health issues, but she still manages to work with ease.  She is a bold jumper, only schooled over small stuff so far, as I want confidence and technique before height, but will take a blue faux liverpool, brush, and jump from any angle, any place.

     Square legs!
At the end of a lesson.